Wisconsin Baptist Quiz League

Psalm 119:9-11 “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word. With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments. Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”

Hosting a Tournament

The “Wisconsin Baptist Quiz League” can only be hosted by Independent Baptist Churches who hold to the King James Bible and have standards of separation from the world in dress and music etc.

This “Wisconsin Baptist Quiz League” is a loose knit group of like minded churches and does not have any commitments as to participation, finances or have any “members”.

Each year we try to get at least one tournament to be hosted by every involved quiz team. If you would like to host a tournament contact the quiz-master, Pastor David Navis at (920) 897-3389.

The Responsibilities of the Host Church

  1. Set the date and time, 2nd Saturdays of each month. Remember that some churches travel great distances. A suggested time is 10 am to 3 pm.
  2. Contact each team 3 weeks in advance of the event. Other churches not on the list may be invited (please give them a copy of the rules). Inform them of necessary information. We try to announce quizzes at the previous quiz but it is also necessary for each host to contact each church.
  3. Arrange a schedule for the event. Quizzing requires about 3 hrs. on average (5 – 8 teams).
  4. Provide a meal. If items are needed, please ask.
  5. Organize an activity. We try to make the events a minimal cost for the youth, but occasional expenses could be charged.
  6. Set up for the quizzing. Each quiz room will need a score board, a score keeper, seating for ten quizzers, an individual to keep stats and a quiz-master. Please provide two quiz rooms if possible.
  7. Bring a challenge from God’s word.
  8. Pray for the Quiz.
  9. If emergency changes are to be made, please inform the churches the night prior to the quiz.
  10. If any questions regarding the weather, please contact the host church/youth director before traveling.

Quiz Rules

  1. A quiz will consist of twenty questions.
  2. The team with the most points at the end of the twenty questions will be determined the winner.
  3. In case of a tie- five more questions will be asked. If there is a tie at the end of an overtime, overtime will continue with five more questions by restarting all quizzers with no more possibility of bonuses, but all other rules will still apply.
  4. All questions and answers will come from the King James Version.
  5. Answers will be determined as correct or incorrect by the quiz-master or referral judges. No response by the quiz-master indicates the need for more of an answer. When necessary the host church will provide an assistant quiz-master or one will be appointed by the quiz-master.
  6. Three incorrect answers from the same quizzer will eliminate the quizzer. Uncorrected answers (answers that that the other team got wrong first) are not incorrect answers.
  7. A correct answer is (20) twenty points; five correct answers by the same individual eliminates that quizzer. A bonus of 20 points is earned, provided no incorrect answer. The five correct answers include “corrected answers”.
  8. Incorrect answers deducts 10 points from the team, giving the opposing quizzer of the same numbered seat the opportunity to hear the question and answer. When the same numbered seat is unoccupied the question will be asked the closest numbered seat. A “corrected answer” earns 10 pts.
  9. Any discrepancies can be addressed by the coaches to the quiz-master after a technical time out is called. Please speak in private concerning the discrepancy.
  10. Each team is given 2 time outs per 20 questions. An additional time out is added for each overtime.
  11. One minute is given for each called time out. technical time outs may be longer.
  12. Each team is allowed five (5) teens to quiz at a time.
    Each Church is allowed to have more than one team provided that;

    1. Each extra team is clearly defined in writing to the quiz master before that team can quiz as a separate team (the names of each team member).
    2. Members on each team, of churches that have more than one team, are not allowed to move to any other team during the rest of the current quiz season. (Exceptions can be allowed by a unanimous decision of the other coaches and the quiz-master.)
  13. Age requirements: Age twelve to eighteen. Exceptions: under special circumstances the quiz master and the youth leader, together, will decide. Example; younger children are allowed only if there is not enough teens to make a team. Age 19 is allowed under these special circumstances only until they begin college.
  14. Free substitutions can be made prior to a question but not during the answering period. Quizzers cannot change seating after being seated.
  15. Only thirty (30) seconds will be given to answer once the quizzer is recognized. Each question will only be repeated three times to each quizzer responding to a question.
  16. Instructions may be given from the quiz-master for answering certain questions (e.g. “only the first answer will be accepted”).
  17. A quizzer may respond to the question at any time. If a quizzer responds before a question is completed they do not have to complete the question. Only the answer is required.
  18. All quotations must be word perfect.
  19. The light keeper will call out the first responder to the question. the quizzer must wait to answer until recognized.
  20. The meets will be double elimination unless agreed upon by all coaches present.
  21. Each team must submit two sets of questions (25 or more) before the quiz which will be used when other teams are quizzing. (please limit the number of those questions referring to grammar and punctuation.) Each team must provide their own sets of questions that are not commonly shared (for practice) between any other teams.
  22. Quizzers may only submit one answer (with corrections). No fishing for answers.
  23. Courteous and positive cheering are strongly encouraged.
  24. A traveling trophy will be awarded the winning team at each rally. The winner of the final rally for the year may have the trophy for one month, then it becomes the possession of the team with the most rally wins for the year.
  25. The overall winners will be responsible for the next years trophy.
  26. Hands are not allowed to be placed on the chair when quizzing.
  27. Suggestion- $15 team dues for expenses, individual awards, etc.
  28. Dress code:
    A. Gentlemen: Collared shirts and long pants. No shirts or pants with immoral or immodest advertising.
    B. Girls; Modest, loose fitting dress or skirt that comes 7 to 8 inches below the knee (knee must be covered when sitting) Modest tops or blouses only (no form fitting or sheer, no low necklines).